At Antelope Creek Veterinary Healthcare Center, we recommend all cats and dogs not intended to be bred undergo spay or neuter surgery. During a neuter surgery, a male cat or dog’s testicles are removed. During a spay surgery, a female cat or dog’s uterus and ovaries are removed. These surgeries are well-practiced by our veterinarians and veterinary professionals all over the world. When compared to the numerous benefits of spay and neuter surgeries, spay and neuter in Lincoln carry relatively low risk and a quick recovery time.

How Your Pet will Benefit from Spay and Neuter

Spay and neuter surgery impart numerous health and behavioral benefits to both male and female cats and dogs. These benefits include:

Reduced Risk of Cancer – Having a cat or dog spayed or neutered before he or she reaches puberty will reduce the risk of cancers related to the reproductive system and organs such as testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer.

Reduced Risk of Contagious Disease – Spaying and neutering reduces your pet’s contact with other animals, making it less likely they will contract a disease from another animal.

Behavioral Improvements – Spaying and neutering reduce your pet’s instinct to wander, be aggressively territorial, and desire to mark territory.

In addition to all of the benefits to your own pet’s health, spaying and neutering your pets also reduces the number of unwanted litters, lessening the burden on already overcrowded animal shelters across the country and reducing the number of pets without a loving home.

Schedule Your Pet’s Appointment with Our Spay and Neuter Clinic in Lincoln, NE

Once your puppy or kitten is old enough to be spayed or neutered, typically between six to nine weeks of age, our veterinarian will discuss these procedures with you. Although your pet will enjoy the most health benefits from spaying and neutering if the procedure is completed before reaching puberty, we also recommend spaying and neutering for adult cats and dogs still intact. We encourage you to schedule your pet an appointment with our spay and neuter clinic in Lincoln, NE to discuss your pet’s health and ongoing wellness with one of our experienced veterinarians. Contact our appointment desk at (402) 488-0993.