Getting puppies and kittens off to a good start can set the tone for the health and well being of your new pet for the rest of its life.

Comprehensive Physical Exam – We consider the new puppy/kitten exam the first important step in our life long commitment to the health of your pet. At the first visit we do a complete physical exam, especially looking for any congenital problems that might be present at that time.

Vaccinations – Puppies and kittens require a series of vaccinations to provide protection against a variety of diseases. We customize a vaccination plan based on potential exposure to certain organisms and the owner’s lifestyle.

Parasite control – Most puppies and kittens will have intestinal parasites (worms). Parasite prevention is an important health care concern not only for your pet but for your family as well. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports each year many cases of parasitic diseases that are transmitted between pets and people. Most of these diseases could have been easily prevented with routine veterinary care. We strongly encourage deworming all puppies and kittens, then continuing with a monthly year-around dose of heartworm prevention, that also prevents infection from several other intestinal parasites. External parasite infections, primarily fleas and ticks, can also be easily prevented. Current treatments are very effective and safe, even in very young pets.

Spaying and neutering – We strongly encourage sterilization of your pet unless you plan to show it or after careful consideration, plan to use it for breeding purposes. We have many years of experience performing early age spays and neuter with very good results. Puppies and kittens altered between 8-12 weeks of age handle surgery good with few complications. In many cases they are back to normal in 24 hours.

Behavior counseling -We feel that good habits started at the earliest possible age should lead to a well-behaved adult dog or cat. We offer counseling on basic principles of housebreaking and common problems encountered in young pets. In addition, we have an experienced dog behaviorist that teaches puppy and young adult dog obedience classes.

Microchipping – Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing a pet. Microchipping is a permanent means of identification. We use the Home Again microchip, which is not only permanent identification but also enables you to register your pet online via Home Again’s Advanced Pet Recovery Program for access to records and search for a lost pet using the web.

In addition, our veterinarians will answer any questions you might have in regards to nutrition, behavioral issues, breed specific conditions, and any other topics of importance to you and your new pet during the wellness examinations.