Nobody wants to be confronted with cancer, with the people we love or the pets that we love. Here at Antelope Creek Veterinary Healthcare Center we understand the many aspects of dealing with cancer in our 4-legged friends.

After a careful diagnosis of cancer is made, we will prescribe a plan for cancer treatment. The field of veterinary cancer treatment changes quickly. We will do research and consult with specialist to determine the best treatment recommendations for each individual case. We understand that for most pet owners their pet’s quality of life is foremost in their mind when making decisions in regards to treatment. We will provide as much information as possible in regards to side effects, duration of treatment, long-term outlook and costs, so that the owner can make the best possible informed decisions.

We have experience dealing with many types of chemotherapy drugs. Some of these drugs require special handling, and administration. Since these are very potent drugs, they have the potential to cause side effects. Follow-up visits and lab work are essential to achieve the best results.

We have the capability to do most cancer treatments in- clinic. However, the best treatment for some types of cancer might require referral for radiation or other specialized treatment. We have access to several referral centers to accomplish the best treatment for your pet.

We understand that a cancer diagnosis in your pet can be an upsetting and confusing time. Our goal is to deal with you and your pet in the most compassionate and knowledgeable way to insure that your pet receives the best possible treatment, without sacrificing the best possible quality of life.