When you think of providing your pet with a safer, healthier, more comfortable life through top-quality veterinary care, you may think of vaccinations, chronic pain treatment or dental checkups — but do you think about Lincoln boarding and grooming? These two services convey valuable wellness benefits of their own that can significantly improve or secure your pet’s quality of life. That’s why our Lincoln animal hospital is proud to offer pet grooming and boarding for special companions just like yours.

Medically Supervised Pet Boarding

When you have to schedule an extended separation from your pet, the parting is hard on both of you. It’s hard on pets, which may experience separation anxiety due to a sense of being abandoned, and it’s hard for owners who may be worried about pets with chronic medical conditions — or the possibility of a sudden medical catastrophe when no one is present to see it. Medically supervised pet boarding in Lincoln can help put both you and your pet at ease. Our furry guests receive plenty of love, activity, and nutritious food in clean, spacious surroundings, while also enjoying the company of other animals. At the same time, your veterinarian in Lincoln can make sure your pet receives any required medications and has access to immediate care in case of an emergency.

Pet Grooming for Comfort and Health

Pet grooming is another way we can enhance your pet’s well-being here at Antelope Creek Veterinary Healthcare Center. Grooming isn’t just for keeping your pet looking and smelling nice; it’s also an important wellness procedure in its own right. We can cleanse your pet’s skin of oils (which attract bacteria), remove pests, trim away painful mats of hair, and even give your pet a cool, fashionable hot-weather haircut. Trimming your pet’s toenails prevents the sharp, overgrown nails from catching on things and tearing away from the nail bed. Our team can also express your pet’s anal glands to prevent blockages and infections in these sensitive structures. Last but not least, the close scrutiny your pet receives during a grooming session can alert us to any skin lesions or other problems that may require treatment from your veterinarian in Lincoln.

Schedule Boarding & Grooming With Our Lincoln Animal Hospital!

Boarding and grooming complement each other naturally as part of your pet’s comprehensive health and wellness care regimen. If your pet happens to need both services, that’s fine too. Since our Lincoln Animal Hospital offers both boarding and grooming under one roof, we’ll be happy to arrange a pet grooming session during your best friend’s stay here with us. It’s all part of our commitment to bringing you a total veterinary care solution for your beloved four-legged family members.
The farther in advance you schedule these services, the better, especially since your pet may need to have vaccinations updated before a boarding stay. Call 402-488-0993 to get all the details!