Antelope Creek is in partnership with an animal behaviorist, Dr Jill Morstad, to help address issues before they bring harm. She will also work in tandem with our medical staff when physical and behavioral problems co-exist. Behavioral services offered by Dr. Jill range from puppy classes to aggression management, leading to more sociable pets with stronger bonds to their people.

Your dog can happily learn to:

  • Tolerate other dogs and people
  • Be safe around children
  • Sit and lie down
  • Stop biting and chewing
  • Come when called
  • Be quiet on command
  • Permit handling and grooming
  • Walk politely on a loose leash

About Jill Morstad, PhD
A dog trainer and obedience trail exhibitor, Dr. Jill has been teaching people to train their dogs since 1985 – offering classes through local and regional dog clubs, in private settings and for animal shelters and veterinary clinics.

As a professional educator with a broad background and experience in the dynamics of human-to-canine and canine-to-human communication, she frequently provides behavior advice and instruction for dogs and puppies, children and families in the interest of public health and community service.

Dr Jill is now accepting registrations for Kindergarten Puppy Training!

Please call for more information.
Call Dr. Jill 402-430-4668