Dogs and cats need dental care just as much as their human owners do. At Antelope Creek, your animal hospital in Lincoln NE, we know how important it is to maintain your pet’s oral hygiene and treat dental problems early. We take care of all our patients’ health care needs from birth through old age, and that includes a lifetime of comprehensive pet dentistry.

Your pet’s oral health is up to you, so it’s important to understand their veterinary needs and learn how to keep their teeth and gums healthy at home. Here are some of the advanced dentistry services we offer at our animal hospital in Lincoln, NE:

Annual Pet Dental Exams in Lincoln

Your pet’s general wellness exam will include a check of the teeth and gums, which are prone to plaque buildup and dental disease. Because some problems start beneath the gum line or show symptoms gradually, our Lincoln veterinarian recommends a more thorough pet dental exam and teeth cleaning at least once a year. During a pet dental exam, we look for signs of dental disease or injury, plaque buildup, infection, cavities, and other dental problems that may need further treatment.

Tips for At-Home Pet Dental Care

Between cleanings and exams, it’s your responsibility to make sure your pet’s teeth and gums stay healthy. Our Lincoln veterinarian will help you learn how (and how often) to brush their teeth and we’ll also recommend products and techniques that make the process easier and more effective. Your pet’s dental hygiene needs also depend on their breed, diet, age, and lifestyle, so it’s important to get these customized dental tips from your pet’s regular veterinarian.

Preventative Teeth Cleanings for Pets

Once a year, bring your pet to Antelope Creek for their comprehensive teeth cleaning. These annual cleaning sessions are crucial for eliminating plaque before it leads to long-term decay, and they also give us an opportunity to thoroughly inspect your pet’s teeth and gums. During a teeth cleaning, our Lincoln veterinary team takes pictures of your pet’s teeth, removes the plaque and particle buildup, and polishes the enamel to maximize shine and minimize future buildup. We may recommend a teeth cleaning under sedation if your pet is older, uncooperative or shows signs of gum disease, because sedation allows us to clean beneath the gum line and reduce stress and safety risks during the procedure.

Pet Dental Disease Treatments

Our Lincoln veterinarian offers advanced dentistry treatments for pets with dental disease or injuries. Tartar and plaque buildup may lead to gingivitis, tooth loss, and even heart disease without proper treatment, and every pet is vulnerable to age-related decay and accidental injuries, no matter how often you brush their teeth or bring them in for cleanings and dental exams. We consult with a human dentist for everything from root canals to fillings, and we monitor each pet’s vital signs closely during each dental procedure.