Pets need a variety of medical services throughout their lifetime. At Antelope Creek Veterinary Healthcare Center, our animal hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska, we provide a range of services for pets. As a one-stop shop for services ranging from preventative care to surgical treatment, we can provide all the care your pet needs from birth through end of life.

Vaccinations. Vaccinations prevent pet illnesses and deadly diseases. As your pet’s medical provider in Lincoln, we offer core and non-core vaccines.

Surgical services. We offer surgical services to meet a variety of pet needs, including spaying and neutering and emergency surgery services.

Grooming and bathing. Our pet grooming and bathing services help ensure that your pet looks his or her best.

Emergency care. Sometimes pets have accidents. Our emergency care services can save your pet’s life in the event that your pet becomes injured or ingests a toxic substance.

Boarding. We offer pet boarding services to ensure that your pet has somewhere safe to go when you leave town. We ensure that our pet boarders get exercise, eat well and get personal attention throughout the day.

Pet wellness exams. Your pet should get an annual pet wellness exam to catch medical conditions in their early stages.

Dietary counseling. Pet obesity is a serious problem that can lead to problems like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Our dietary counseling services can help ensure that your pet is eating right and maintaining a healthy weight.

Flea and tick control programs. Fleas and ticks spread disease and can cause skin problems for your pet. We prescribe flea and tick preventatives and teach pet owners how to prevent flea and tick problems in their pets.

Pharmacy. We have a pharmacy that stocks medicines pets need to recover from illnesses.

Identification services. We offer microchipping and tattooing services to help ensure that your pet will be returned to you in the event that your pet ever becomes lost.

Advanced pet dental care. Pet dental services can treat your pet’s cavities and prevent periodontal disease. In addition, we offer advanced procedures, like root canals. Our digital dental x-rays give us the ability to provide more complete dental diagnostics

Electrocardiography services. Our electrocardiography services help us identify problems with your pet’s heart.

Radiology services. Our digital radiology services help us diagnose conditions and injuries so your pet can get the treatment he or she needs.

Anesthesia. We offer anesthesia for pets undergoing procedures like surgery and dentistry.

Pet orthopedics. Pets who break bones and suffer from orthopedic conditions can come to us for treatment and rehabilitation.

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