Summer Pet Safety Tips from Our Lincoln, NE Veterinarian

Extreme weather not only poses a threat to human health but also to the health of the animals we love. When temperatures rise, our Lincoln, NE veterinarian reminds pet owners to take extra precautions in caring for their pets. Keep your pets safe this summer with the following tips to protect your pet from the dangers unique to the summer season.

Sun Safety

The number one threat to pets in the summer is the heat. Hot temperatures put pets at risk of developing heat stroke, which not only makes your pet sick but can also be life-threatening. Provide your pets with plenty of shade and fresh, clean water on hot days. Never leave pets unattended in a car – not even for a short time. To prevent sunburn, be careful not to have fur trimmed too short.

Food Safety

Remember that most human foods are not suitable, or are even toxic, for pets. Keep food and drinks covered and out of your pets’ reach at barbecues and summer parties.

Chemical Safety

Never use bug spray on a pet, as it is highly toxic to our furry friends. Looking into pet-friendly bug repellent, instead.

Water Safety

Not all dogs are naturally good swimmers. Keep a close eye on pets who are new to the waves around pools, lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

Summer Safety and Parasite Prevention at Our Animal Hospital in Lincoln

We remind pet owners that in addition to protecting your pet from these three seasonal dangers of summer, it is also important to remember that parasites are much more abundant during the warmer months. Keep your pets safe from parasites like fleas, ticks, and heartworm by treating them to preventative medications. To learn more about parasite prevention and how you can keep your pet healthy during summer, schedule a wellness exam with your favorite animal hospital in Lincoln, Antelope Creek Veterinary Healthcare Center.

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What summer activities do you and your pets enjoy the most?

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