Ask Our Veterinarian in Lincoln, NE – Is Spay and Neuter Surgery Really Necessary?

At Antelope Creek Veterinary Healthcare Center, our veterinarian in Lincoln, NE recommends spay and neuter surgery for all cats and dogs not specifically intended for breeding. These surgeries, which remove the reproductive organs of male and female cats and dogs, are relatively risk-free – especially when considering the surgery’s benefits.

Our NE Veterinarian Discusses the Numerous Benefits of Spay and Neuter Surgery

Spay and neuter surgery with our NE veterinarian will impart several benefits on you, your pet, and your community including:

  • Reduced Cancer Risk – Removing the reproductive organs prior to puberty reduces and eliminates the risk of cancers related to the reproductive organs.
  • Less Exposure to Disease – Spayed and neutered pets come into contact with fewer animals, making it less likely that they will contract a contagious disease from another wandering cat or dog.
  • Behavioral Improvements – Spayed and neutered cats and dogs have less desire to wander, making them more likely to stay safely at home. They are also less territorial which reduces aggressive behavior and the desire to mark territory.
  • Money Saved – The preventative nature of spay and neuter surgery will not only save your beloved pet from suffering from avoidable illness but will also save you the extra cost of paying to treat future disease.
  • Community – In addition to all of the benefits you and your pet will receive, spaying and neutering also reduce the number of unwanted litters of kittens and puppies. This takes stress off of local animal shelters which are already over crowded, increases the chance of pet adoptions out of shelters, and lowers the number of homeless cats and dogs.

Schedule Your Pet’s Surgery with our Animal Hospital in Lincoln, NE

If you have new puppy or kitten, knowing exactly when to have your pet spayed or neutered is a tricky decision to make alone. Young pets become candidates for the procedures between six and nine weeks. Your pet’s candidacy depends on his or her growth rate and overall health. Our team of veterinary professionals at our animal hospital in Lincoln, NE will help you better understand when and why it is a good choice to have your pet spayed or neutered. To learn more, schedule a consultation at (402) 488-0993.

Have you chosen to spay or neuter your pets?